Collection: Services

  • Computer Diagnostics:
  1. Basic Diagnostics is Free
  2. Extended Diagnostics – if it takes longer than 30 minutes to find the issue of the machine there will be a $25 Fee (fee will be credited in final bill if repairs are made).


  • Computer Repairs Offered:

Physical Damage

Screen Repair


Thermal Management (System Overheating)

Slow Computer

Parts Replacement

Unbootable Drives


Screen Replacement

 Operating System Issues

 Speed Issues

 Data Recovery

 Custom Builds

 Case Replacement



* There is an $55/hour (min 1 hour) charge on all personal jobs that require a home visit. All drop offs will be made at 4010 O'Ferral Street Unit #220 (Across from Home Depot), Hattiesburg, MS 39402. There is a 25-mile radius travel cap from this location.


*Driving Fee: $0.75 per mile

*Sales Tax will be added additional to all fees.

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